June 6, 2024

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3 Baking Shows to Watch for Fans of the Hit Netflix Series

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There are many genres on TV these days, and cooking shows are one of the most popular. Gone are the days when cooking shows were just instructional videos of a chef in the kitchen. Now there are different types of cooking shows, some of the most popular including competitions. While The Food Network and the Cooking Channel are exclusively dedicated to food programs, the major network channels also offer food shows.

Netflix has also dipped its toes into food programming. Done! is a competitive cooking show with amateur bakers looking for redemption in the kitchen. Each episode features three candidates trying to replicate a recipe. The winner will take home $ 10,000. Of course, this may sound like a familiar formula for a cooking show. There are several series similar to Nailed It! on TV.

“The big family’s cooking showdown”

According to The CInemaholic, TBFCS is great for those who like family-friendly programs with competitions. The series originally aired on the BBC, but you can stream it on Netflix. The series includes 16 of the best cooking families in Great Britain. Each episode features two families competing against each other in three challenges. After all, eight of the best families will advance to the semi-finals. Then the three best families will compete in the final.

Most of the challenges occur in single-family homes and give it a different feel than shows in lavish kitchens. The season one finale was also local as the finalists prepared a meal for their neighbors. The winners of the final deserve the boastful right to be the best culinary family in the country. You will also receive an engraved wooden cutting board.

‘Cooking on high’

Culinary shows that highlight marijuana aren’t new – think “Bong Appetit” or “Cooking On High” – but Netflix’s new show “Cooked With Cannabis” seeks to improve the quality of the food it prepares. https://t.co/MIbPnjpeJp

– Boston Globe Marijuana (@MarijuanaNews) April 29, 2020

Although Cooking on High is a show for a food competition, it has a twist that sets it apart from the competition. The show focuses on foods that contain marijuana. In each episode, comedian Ngaio Bealum introduces a specific strain of cannabis. He explains the different characteristics of the strain and what kind of high to expect from consuming it. Then three candidates prepare dishes with marijuana. The chefs are experts in marijuana infused cuisine, as well as the benefits of medicinal marijuana. Participants are presented with a different topic each week, but beyond that they have a lot of creative freedom. Dishes range from marijuana-infused cod to sandwiches.

After the dishes are ready, prominent jurors rate them despite having questionable food knowledge themselves. After a THC break, during which the judges let the marijuana work, the participants score between one and ten pot leaves. The candidate with the most pot leaves wins. There is no cash prize, but the winner will receive a golden pot.

Ugly tasty

Cooking competition shows are popular and fun, but some viewers may prefer a different type of show. The cast of Ugly Delicious travel the world to discover different cuisines. Momofuku founder David Chang wanted to create a show that combined history, travel and food. Each episode features a different dish.

The documentary series explores a variety of topics. For example, one episode has pizza. It has to be answered what is authentic pizza and where it comes from. Is it Italian or American? The cast goes from Italy to New Jersey, analyzing history and different styles. Other episodes deal with authentic Middle Eastern food. Are certain dishes Arabic or Iranian? Although Chang has experience in the food industry, he is not afraid to admit that he doesn’t know everything. For example, he admits he doesn’t know much about Indian cuisine.

The show also deals with sustainability, socioeconomic influences, and more, especially in an episode featuring steak. Chang even gets personal when he reveals how his life as a parent affects the kitchen in an episode about kids’ kitchens.

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