March 2, 2024

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Abide medical cannabis dispensary now open in Napa | Lifestyles

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Kathleen Reynolds

Even after marijuana was legalized in California in 1996, cannabis and its dispensaries can still lead to controversy. For Micah Malan, who lives in Napa, cannabis created a lifeline.

“When I came back from snowboarding in my first semester, I fell asleep, then the driver fell asleep,” said Malan. “Two months later, I woke up from the coma and was told I would never leave.”

At the time, it seemed impossible to understand how to function as a quadriplegic and how to deal with pain. Malan found it unimaginable that he would be on opiates for the rest of his life.

“I started using cannabis in 2000 to cope with the pain,” he said. “Although not much information was available at the time.”

When he found out which types of cannabis were relieving his physical ailment, Malan decided to educate people with similar injuries.

Along with others: “I helped start the Napa Spinal Cord Injury Network. We have around 20 members, many of whom are new people trying to find solutions to their medical problems. We help people find the right doctors, find the best equipment for them, and what medicines are available. “

Malan wanted to offer more help.

He and three partners, Amos Flint, Jerred Kiloh and Ty Heldt, saw the need for an additional medical cannabis dispensary in Napa to serve as a resource. They opened the Abide Medical Dispensary.