June 21, 2024

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Arizona-based Pure Edibles finds niche in expanding marijuana market

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If they were affordable, they weren’t necessarily trustworthy or of high quality. They were expensive.

And just because they were called “edibles” didn’t mean someone really wanted to eat them.

When the owner team behind Pure Edibles decided to start their cannabis edibles company, the goal was to solve those problems in a space they considered flawed.

And six years later, with a presence in nearly 100 pharmacies across the state and thousands of loyal customers, the founders of Pure Edibles found this sweet spot with their caramels and gums.

But the team has a not-so-secret key ingredient to this recipe for success: a chef at the top, said Ryan Hermansky, who founded Pure Edibles in 2015 with his brother Brandon and longtime friend Doug Daly.

“Brandon’s background as a chef was critical to the process. He was able to distinguish our products from others, ”said Ryan Hermansky of his brother, who is also a former restaurant owner.

Brandon Hermansky, from left, his best friend Doug Daly, and brother Ryan Hermansky, co-owner of Pure Edibles, are seen with their cannabis-infused gums at a private residence in Scottsdale on August 26, 2021.

Brandon applies his culinary skills in the small organic edibles, made from local ingredients and featuring natural flavors and colors.

Pure Edibles has gained a following with its taste and texture similar to its non-cannabis counterparts. The award-winning line offers caramel in six flavors and gummy bears in three flavors with gluten-free options. Both products are offered in the strengths of leisure and medicine. Gummies are marked with a perforation so that consumers can easily tear them up into a smaller dose if needed.