May 9, 2024

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Canton to vote on medical marijuana businesses in September

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CANTON – Selectmen on Thursday scheduled a special town meeting for September 28th to vote on whether to allow a medical marijuana business in town.

It comes 11 months after the board of directors awarded Kevin Belanger from Dixfield a motion for a vote in October 2020.

The elections are open from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. in the meeting room of the town hall. A public hearing on this issue will take place on September 7th at 6:00 p.m. in the same location.

Belanger, a state-licensed medical marijuana nurse, owns a medical marijuana business in Mexico. He bought Canton Caboose in April 2020, a month after reaching out to the board to run a medical marijuana business and ice cream parlor, and received their general approval, he said.

After more than a year of waiting after buying the property and a vote that had not yet been scheduled, he handed it over to the board of directors in June a citizens’ petition Assisting medical marijuana companies.

The board voted to hold a city meeting on August 23, but then delayed it until a medical marijuana ordinance was drafted, according to a Facebook post by city secretary Carol Buzzell last week.

A vote in November is being considered, Belanger said, This added to his frustration and prompted him to post his criticism of the board on Facebook.

He wrote that the reason the vote was postponed so many times was because of selected voters: “You, the voters who signed the petition, don’t care. I think they despise those of us who choose a natural herb treatment. We are their stereotype. We are ‘stoners’, ‘burnouts’ and ‘troublemakers’, which is a ridiculous and uneducated perception. “

CEO Russell Adams declined to comment on the post.

At Thursday’s meeting, town clerk Vernice Boyce reviewed the financial options for which items on the tax cut and offsetting list would be considered.

Selectmen decided to hold another special session of the city on September 9 at 6:00 p.m. to vote on the appropriation of US $ 217,000 to cut taxes. The 11 eligible items of income include $ 150,000 for vehicle and boat excise taxes, $ 15,000 for reimbursement of tree growth, and $ 29,650 from Hartford for fire safety.

On other matters, residents Vicky and Danny Waite complained to the elect that their neighbors at Hayford Court had created an eyesore and health hazard on the street.

“We lived on this street … 40 years next month and the deterioration of this street is terrible,” said Vickey Waite. “It’s a mess. In fact, I am ashamed to live there. So, the first (complaint) is the dumpster on my neighbor’s pipe. I deal with a lot of rodents. I think it’s not fair for me.” Must have that dumpster on (my property) to smell (and handle the flies and rats), ”she said.

Another complaint was that a neighbor’s abandoned trailer also attracted stray cats, rats and mice.

She said the cats help with the mice, “but I don’t own a cat. And when I get out of my house in the morning to go to work and smell cat urine on my front door and all over my (yard) I have a problem with it. It’s disgusting. It’s a thorn in the side. “

After listening to the Waites’ pleadings for help with the ongoing garbage and health and safety issues, the chosen ones said they would send law enforcement officers and health officials to inspect the area and speak to landlords of the property.

Elsewhere, members of the Canton Trail Riders ATV Club invited the community and the public to the 25th Annual ATV Toy Run on Whistle Stop Trail in Farmington on September 11th at 9:00 am. The group, along with the Western Maine ATV Club and Brettun’s The Wheelers ATV Club, offers a free BBQ evening, a 50/50 raffle, and hot coffee and donuts for sale. For more information about the event, contact Brian Jordan at 357-4460.

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