June 6, 2024

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Groups on the far sides of each aisle pushing for medical marijuana legalization

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – The Alabama Cannabis Coalition hosted a bipartisan pro-medical marijuana event at Big Spring Park on Tuesday. This follows important news related to marijuana in Birmingham and possible statewide action in Montgomery.

The Huntsville pro-medical marijuana event began at 4:20 pm on April 20. While attendance was minimal, speakers from far left and right came together to legalize medical marijuana and recreational marijuana.

“Rapists and child abusers are leaving prison and leaving prison on two or three year commandments. You changed a child’s whole life. And you have people caught with a joint and forever in the system, ”a spokesman for Black Lives Matter said.

BLM and several conservative groups advocating for marijuana took turns on the prison overpopulation, natural rights, and benefits of medical marijuana. Although they were mostly on the same page, there was no shortage of opinions.

“I’m not someone up here saying I use marijuana because I don’t. I think it’s a disgusting, despicable drug. At the same time, it shouldn’t be illegal. It shouldn’t be something someone goes to jail for. For what they put into their own bodies, ”said Anson Knowles of the Foundation for Applied Conservative Leadership.

On Tuesday in Birmingham, Mayor Randall Woodfin pardoned 15,000 closed marijuana convictions from 1990. Mayor Woodfin said the act was out of forgiveness and compassion and an attempt to fill gaps in the workforce. Meanwhile, SB 46 in Montgomery has support on both sides of the aisle.

“My Republican colleagues listen to their voters and value their opinions,” said Rep. Chris England, leader of the Alabama Democratic Party.

“We won’t have come to bring your cannabis card billboards up and down the interstate. The things we secured are not there (the bill), ”said Rep. Tim Melson of Florence.

Medical marijuana legislation could see a vote in Montgomery at the earliest next week. Some North Alabama residents hope to see advances in their lives that go beyond medical marijuana.

“It is none of your business what someone does in your home. If you want to smoke a plant, be gay, shoot guns, do what you want. It’s supposed to be a free country that millions of men and women fought for and died for, ”said Colby Burns.

House Speaker Mac McCutcheon says some members of the House are still doing their homework on medical marijuana. Those in charge of the Huntsville event on Tuesday afternoon urged people to call their government officials to give their views on the marijuana legislation.

Should anything get passed, the state would set up a commission to regulate medical marijuana.

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