May 9, 2024

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How Tennessee can learn from Colorado’s success with medical marijuana legalization

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  • Paul Kuhn is a retired investment advisor and a longtime advocate of marijuana law reform.

As a newcomer to my native Tennessee from Colorado, Thomas M. Antkow paints a gloomy picture of his former state, all because it legalized pot. But his claim that marijuana wrecked Colorado does not stand up to scrutiny.

I’m sorry to have to say, but the Centennial State beats our beloved Volunteer State in almost every way except taxes.

Look at economic growth, GDP, over the past three years. Tennessee is a respectable 20th in the nation; Colorado is fourth. In terms of the general business environment, US News & World Report Tennessee ranks 23rd in the country. Pretty good. Colorado is fourth again. How about violent crime? Tennessee is unfortunately in third place while Colorado is 21st.

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