August 10, 2022

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Iowa State University Students push to legalize marijuana

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AMES, Iowa (WOI) – An Iowa State University organization wants recreational marijuana to be legalized in the state.

They put up a billboard in Des Moines on the a websitewhere to look for 10,000 signatures.

Iowa law punishes a first recreational property violation with up to six months in prison and fined $ 1,000. Iowa law also allows people with a medical card to use medical marijuana.

Josh Montgomery is a member of the group “NORML. “

“We want to expand Iowa’s medical marijuana program to include access and approved conditions for obtaining a medical card,” said Montgomery. “We also want recreational marijuana because there are so many good reasons: economic, racial and the list goes on.”

The group has 1,000 signatures from Iowan so far.

Your signature campaign ends on September 12th.

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