July 18, 2024

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Legalizing medical marijuana will ‘kill your children’

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  • Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts said legalizing medical marijuana would result in children dying.
  • Ricketts cited a study that linked increased marijuana use among children who die from suicide and states that have already legalized marijuana.
  • His remarks come as Nebraska’s lawmakers weigh a bill that would legalize medical marijuana.
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The Nebraska Governor pushed back the state’s deliberations on legalizing medical marijuana, claiming it would result in the deaths of their children.

“This is a dangerous drug that will affect our children,” said Governor Pete Ricketts during a press conference on Wednesday. “If you legalize marijuana, you will kill your children. Data from across the country shows that.”

I was asked to explain the dates of in more detail USA TODAY, a Ricketts spokesman pointed to two Studies As a result, teenagers who died of suicide in several states that legalized marijuana were more likely to use it.

His utterances come as Nebraska’s state parliament weighs an invoice that would result in legal medical marijuana recommended by a practicing physician. The idea is for doctors to be in control of their patients’ marijuana use, the Lincoln Journal Star reported.

Although Ricketts linked his claim to recreational marijuana, the weighted bill would allow residents to use and consume medical marijuana in the form of pills or oils. Marijuana smoking would not be legalized after this bill was passed.

Marijuana is considered nationwide Schedule 1 drugwhich means it has “no currently accepted medical use”. “However, THC itself has shown medicinal benefits in certain formulations,” according to the NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse. In terms of recreational use, Experts | and agencies like that Centers for Disease Control say a “fatal overdose is unlikely.”

Ricketts’ office did not immediately return Insider’s request for comment.

“Big pot, big marijuana is a big industry,” he continued. “This is a big industry that is trying not to be regulated in order to bypass the regulatory process. And that will put people at risk: if you deal with regulations that are geared towards the health and safety of our society.”

Proponents of the bill’s passage include sponsor Lincoln, Nebraska, Senator Anna Wishart, who made a passionate support argument on Wednesday, according to the Lincoln Journal Star.

“This bill will not fail because of a lack of compromise,” Wishart told the state’s Judiciary Committee. “If this law is not passed, it will be due to the political pressure of a few who use their power to stamp out the will of the people. The people will not be silenced.”

If the bill is not passed, Wishart, a Democrat, expects activists to propose an electoral initiative that allows Nebraskans to vote. This, in turn, would give doctors less control over marijuana use and make it more difficult to regulate.