August 9, 2022

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Medical marijuana, State Rep. Fred Deutsch voices potential issues

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RAPID CITY, SD (KEVN) – Medical marijuana is just ahead in the coming months as South Dakota prepares guidelines on how to do this.

Some lawmakers are concerned about which direction the medical industry could lead the state in.

South Dakota State representative Fred Deutsch supports medical marijuana for those in need but is concerned that those who do not need it will still have access to some sort of recreational capacity without the right parameters.

Deutsch says the more you legalize it and make it accessible, the higher the chance it gets into the wrong hands … especially into the hands of children.

He says he sees no value in adult recreational marijuana use for South Dakotan, and says other states have shown it.

He calls Colorado the flagship, “States are called laboratories of democracy. In every laboratory, we can see what results they have achieved based on the laws they have written. “

He says Colorado is open about their mistakes. He says a few he would like to see corrected are caps on the percentage of THC and the total amount of marijuana one can own at one time.

He is concerned that medical marijuana could be a route to recovery and fears doctors will write prescriptions without actually looking into a person’s condition. In particular, it relates to things like existing websites that refer a doctor from multiple states.

“Doctors can make a hell of a lot of money opening their ‘Doc in a Box Shop,’ and that’s what concerns me. That should concern everyone. I mean come on When we talk about medical marijuana, we should give people who really need it access, and we should prevent people who don’t need it from getting access to it, ”says Deutsch.

He says he wants to eliminate home growing altogether and only sell pharmacies where the drug can be tested and approved to ensure black market sales are kept to a minimum.

Deutsch believes it would be close if state lawmakers were brought to a vote on recreational marijuana now.

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