July 23, 2024

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Mississippi Legislators end Senate’s version of medical marijuana

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JACKSON, miss. (WJTV) – As the Mississippi Legislative Session draws to a close, lawmakers decided to end the Senate version of a medical marijuana bill. Initiative 65, the Mississippi voters approved in November 2020 is the only surviving initiative.

The Senate medical marijuana language was incorporated into Harper Grace’s law, which was named after a two-year-old girl who suffered from a rare form of epilepsy. The bill allows CBD oil to be used for medicinal purposes.

Harper Grace’s law remains in effect without the Senate language. State Representative Nick Bain spoke about the medical marijuana debate.

“Sixty-five is all that lives. The people voted overwhelmingly and we wanted to comply with the people’s wishes, ”he said.

The hurdles for Initiative 65 remain. A lawsuit is pending in the Mississippi Supreme Court that could potentially affect medical marijuana in the state. The court is set on Hear arguments Mid-April.

Madison Mayor Mary Hawkins Butler challenged initiative 65 said it was illegally put on the ballot last year.