August 7, 2022

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New dispensary in Bay County sells marijuana plant clones

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BAY CITY, MI – A new marijuana dispensary in Bay County is entering a new market, according to its owners.

Hashish Boyz at 305 N Euclid plans to go more than just the typical recreational and medical marijuana products show. CEO and founder Brandon Dabish said the store will start selling clones, which are cuttings of marijuana plants, starting next week and that Hashish Boyz will be the first retailer in the state to his knowledge to sell clones.

“We think this is a great opportunity to give people the opportunity to see the kind of care and the kind of work you need to put into a plant to really bring it to life and into medicine to convert and thereby medicate the benefits of it, ”said Rami Kirma, COO.

Dabish stated that there will be a limit to the number of plants you can buy, but that there will be a multitude of varieties for customers to choose from.

So why offer clones instead of seeds? Kirma said that cloning speeds the process and enables the cloning of already desirable plants, rather than having to start from scratch to select and grow the traits they like.

“Basically, with cloning, all you have to do with cloning is cutting down and replanting a live plant so that it becomes rooted and you replant a new plant,” said Kirma.

Creating and selling clones is only part of the Hashish Boyz operation in Bangor Township. The store also has a wide variety of products for both recreational and medical customers in an area where local communities have a proposition for cannabis entrepreneurs.

“We felt at home, they opened the door and greeted us with open arms,” ​​said Kirma. “When you are treated in a way that is regulated so much by a certain community in this industry, you want to stick with that type of partnership.”

To celebrate the opening of their store to the public in Bangor Township, Hashish Boyz hosted a grand outdoor opening event on Friday April 9th. Musicians and DJs, numerous cannabis vendors, and food trucks gathered in the store’s parking lot.

The shop is located in the former Chinese restaurant building Los Quatros Amigos and Stars on Euclid. The building has been outfitted with 1970s decor to pay homage to those who took their first steps in the marijuana industry, the owners said.

“It’s a torch that we want to carry,” said Kirma.

The celebration was well attended, and attendees stood in long lines across the Hashish Boyz property to access the store in small groups due to the capacity limitations of COVID-19. According to attendees, some heard about the event on a popular cannabis community website called Weed Maps and headed to visit the Bay County site.

One of those fans was Lori Defrain, who drove out of Flint after discovering it on Weed Maps. Defrain said the opening of pharmacies across the state, including Bay County, has made it more convenient for those who travel but use medical products.

“I love this, it makes it convenient to travel anywhere in the state of Michigan. It gives patients medication wherever I love, ”she said.

The celebration also included a special visit from former Detroit Lions recipient Calvin Johnson and former Lions guardian Rob Sims, who represented their cannabis research firm, Primitive.

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