February 23, 2024

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SESSION REPORT: Much debate over Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act |

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This was the tenth week of the 2021 legislative session, which was about floor actions in the house. Wednesday was the deadline for the House to discuss Senate bills. Senate laws that were not incorporated and passed by members of the House died. Tuesday, March 16, is the deadline for discussing Senate funds and revenue. More than 80 Senate bills were discussed on the floor, including the following:

SB 2765, or the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act, has been the source of much debate on the floor of the house. It would have created an alternative to the Initiative 65 medical marijuana program; Elected by Mississippians but shackled in court. It would give Mississippians access to medical marijuana if Initiative 65 is found unconstitutional by the Mississippi Supreme Court. Several amendments were tabled during the discussion and some Members raised Rules of Procedure and other parliamentary questions. Eventually, SB 2765 was put on the table and the bill died on the calendar. The language in SB2765 reflected the language in Initiative 65. Similar language was added to Harper Grace’s Law (HB 119) in the Senate late Thursday. The house will have to look at this bill soon. Email me your comments to my private email address below.

Another bill discussed in the House this week was SB 2727. The bill would have revised the way in which board members of the Department of Archives and History are selected. SB 2727 would have given the governor and the lieutenant governor directorships. The bill failed with a vote of 17-105. I did not endorse the bill as it was presented to the House, preferring to keep it alive in order to possibly strengthen the board of directors.

SB 2119 would authorize the sale and purchase of pseudoephedrine and ephedrine in the state without a prescription. Since 2010, Mississippi has required a prescription to buy drugs that contain these stimulants. SB 2119 was passed by a bipartisan vote of 117-3 and sent to the governor for signature.

Some bills have been passed unanimously by Parliament, including a bill to empower a veteran to personally provide evidence of military service for the veteran’s license designation at a DPS license station (SB 2294). an invoice that offers the option of combining a hidden weapon permit with a driver’s license or other ID card (SB 2253); and a bill that would allow the Department of Education to license teachers who already have the equivalent of another state (SB 2267).

Governor Tate Reeves signs SB 2536 in the Capitol Rotunda! It’s a win for our young female athletes in Mississippi! The bill was sent to the House Floor by the Accountability, Efficiency and Transparency Committee. It passed by a long way.