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Ten best marijuana strains of April 2016

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Balanced, functional, delicious sativa hybrid blackjack is all the rage in America. (Photo by David Downs)

We hope the April showers bring you these May flowers. Here are our top stories and varieties for the warming month of April.

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2) Pennsylvania plans to officially legalize medical marijuana

3) Watch: Canada’s First National Marijuana Ad

4) The White House sits down with reformers of the marijuana law today

5) Marijuana suppositories get rave reviews

The 10 Best Strains of Marijuana in America for April 2016


The Bay Area’s dominant 3rd gene family, along with Dying Breed Seeds and TerpHogz, took third place in the Sativa Flower category of the United States Cannabis Cup 2016, which took place in San Bernardino in April.

Sungrown Black Jack
The Berkeley Patients Group in Berkeley carries a leading hybrid of Jack Herer – Black Jack. Sativa dominant – Jack Herer takes the bulk and flavors of Blackberry Kush but retains the sweetness, energy, and looks of Jack.

Chong’s choice
Phytology in Oakland is the only Northern California supplier of Chong’s Choice OG Kush – a high quality OG cut chosen by the team at famed Tommy Chong. In a world full of OG, Chong’s Choice picks the best for minds. OG Kush has been used by patients to treat stress and pain for decades.

Choosey Chong hand-picked Chong’s Choice for California consumers.

Marley Natural Red
Bob Marley’s estate comes into play with Marley Natural Red – a line of high-CBD floral products sold at SPARC in San Francisco, Harborside Health Centers in Oakland and San Jose and CBCB in Berkeley. Marley Natural Red is selected from Ringo’s Gift, a hybrid of Harle-Tsu and ACDC high in CBD, named after the late cannabis activist Lawrence Ringo. At 13.2% CBD and 0.5% THC, this strain can’t get you high, but it can relieve inflammation-related pain like arthritis and Crohn’s disease.

Best Strains of Marijuana from Southern California

Kosher Jack
Karma Squad with the Van Nuys Kind Center took home a US Cannabis Cup trophy for this elite game from Jack Herer – one of the most popular sativa hybrids in the world. Patients use Jack Herer to treat a range of conditions including nausea, stress and daytime cramps.

Premium Jack Herer is ideal for extending the days. (Photo by David Downs)

Krone OG
Los Angeles front runner Greenwolf and Crown Genetics took home a runner-up spot for indicas in the US Cannabis Cup in April with Crown OG – an especially regal phenotype of LA’s biggest strain. In tough competition, you have to respect the crown.

Vegan Omrita x Hash Plant x Grapestomper
High-CBD hits new heights with Buds & Roses of Los Angeles’ first winner Veganic Omrita x Hash Plant x Grapestomper. Vegan growers avoid all chemical and animal inputs to maximize aroma, taste, potency, and purity.

Best Colorado strains of marijuana

Panama Punch
The rare Panamanian Mean Green and the legendary Neville’s Haze come together in this sativa-dominant hybrid from the leading point – The Clinic Colorado; Perfect for the longer days in the forest or on the beach.

Best Washington strains of marijuana

Pink biscuits
While the taste of Girl Scout Cookies is heading east this spring, Seattle Cannabis Co. is innovating with Pink Cookies – an additional floral cut from GSC that is tested at 27.9% THC. some of the strongest flowers in the world.

Pink Cookies (Photo by David Downs)

Best Oregon Marijuana Strains

Ghost Train Haze # 13
Thanks to Phresh Cannabis Oregon for taking the amazing first place in Sativas Flowers at the 2016 US Cannabis Cup in Southern California. This highly psychoactive, energetic, expansive haze is preferred by some patients with chronic stress and depression.

[Smell the Truth editor David Downs is an award-winning journalist and best-selling author whose The Medical Marijuana Guide Book — comes out this Spring 2016.]