August 10, 2022

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The grass definitely looks greener in Williamsport’s new medical marijuana dispensary | News

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Williamsport, Pennsylvania – Williamsport medical marijuana patients will smile even more as Verilife prepares to open a new business on the Golden Strip.

The preliminary opening date is April 14th. Before the newest addition to Williamsport’s medical marijuana community opens its door, they gave members of the community a special VIP tour.

In an area that has long been starving for a good pharmacy for medical patients, Verilife wants to put an end to this problem with its new business.

It’s safe with multiple check-ins for patients. Verilife has also taken steps to ensure that patients are comfortable while they wait for their products to be picked up.

There is a large waiting room in front of the store. District Leader Steve Barger briefed the group of parishioners on the features of the facilities.

The store will have 11 registers of knowledgeable staff ready to help customers. Barger said the hiring process typically takes between 30 and 45 days.

The store will also have an on-site pharmacist for new and existing customers with questions.

Patients won’t be the only ones seeing the benefits of a new pharmacy. Barger took the tour of the staff lounge, which is furnished with a kitchen and tables. Each employee also has their own locker for things.

Patients are valued. The employees will be happy. It all adds up to a good time as Williamsport’s newest business hits new highs.

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