June 6, 2024

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Top 10 Cannabis Books To Stock In Your Highbrary

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No other plant has attracted as much attention as the humble weed plant.

Throughout history, it has been hailed – even idolized – for its healing and euphoric properties. But especially in the last few decades, it has also been maligned, incorrectly categorized and made the focus of fierce controversy.

From “Reefer Madness” in the 1930s to planting “Hemp for Victory” during World War II to our current status knocking on the door of legalization nationwide after decades of strict prohibition and gradually thawing out, was cannabis a ubiquitous feature of the American experience.

Cannabis is back in focus. Hence, it is appropriate that we look back at the most influential recent writings on marijuana and celebrate the books that highlighted the subject and the triumphant march for the liberation of this beneficial plant.

1) “The Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits” by Ed Rosenthal

This compilation highlights strains that have stood the test of time and found themselves in the glittering light of the new era of legalized cannabis. It comes from the legendary “Big Book of Buds” series by cannabis legend Ed Rosenthal.

2) “How to Smoke Pot (Properly): A High-Profile Guide to Getting High” By David Beehive

The airy, intelligent paperback by VICE and High Times reporter David Bienenstock for weed fans and allies covers the standard reference material “Weed 101”. Topics will include soaring and traveling, how to have weed infused dinner parties, and what to do if you are “too high” in public.

3) “The Newbies Guide to Cannabis & The Industry” by Chris Conrad and Jeremy Daw

The authors of this book have teamed up to produce detailed work on the fundamentals of the cannabis industry in response to the onslaught of newcomers entering the legal green onslaught. A great entry point for consumers, entrepreneurs, and financiers looking to get started in the new marijuana economy.

4) “The Medical Marijuana Guide Book” by David Downs

A comprehensive paper detailing the nuances of the safe use and access of medical marijuana in the United States. It covers topics ranging from getting a doctor’s recommendation that cannabis is legal to medicinal uses and plant varieties.

5) “Three One Light” by Joshua Haupt

This book describes the methods used to achieve the holy grail of weed growing – three pounds of killer cannabis grown under a sodium light. Growing procedures are straightforward and concise, and the book itself is a work of art.

6) “Tokin ‘Women” by Nola Evangelista

A collection of fascinating profiles about women and cannabis, accompanied by pictures and quotes from every source. The book highlights a wide range of diversity in terms of age, epoch, ethnicity, social status, and occupation, and offers us a rich mix of perspectives.

7) “Stoned: A Medical Marijuana Medical Case” By David Casarett, MD

A doctor’s journey in search of answers to the question of cannabis use and its value in medicine. Casarett describes his personal experiments and encounters with a wide variety of cannabis users, including a couple who treated their two-year-old child with the plant.

8) “Medical Marijuana in America: A Pioneer’s Memories” By Alice O’Leary-Randall

Using an easy-to-read and entertaining narrative style, this book tells how the author’s husband, Robert Randall, became the only legal pot smoker in America through a federal Investigational New Drug program.

9) “Green: A Guide to Marijuana” By Dan Michaels and Erik Christiansen

While the bulk of the book focuses on stunning photos of high quality buds, it also includes a nifty chronicle of the major and minor active cannabinoids, plant anatomy and phenotype, and many of the terpenoid compounds found in cannabis.

10) “Thai Stick: Surfers, Scammers, and the Untold Story of the Marijuana Trade” By Peter Maguire and Mike Ritter

Told in a fun and scientific way, the authors tell the fascinating true story about the history of Thai weed smuggling in the 1960s and 1970s. Interviews with the pioneers of the first legendary weed trade make this a must-see.

Tell us what’s your favorite book on cannabis?

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