August 10, 2022

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Utah Cannabis Pharmacy WholesomeCo Now Accepts Debit Card Payments, Furthering the Value of Existing Statewide Delivery Service to Utah Patients

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WEST BOUNTIFUL, Utah, August 10, 2021 / PRNewswire / – WholesomeCo, a Cannabis pharmacy in Utah, is proud to announce that they are now accepting debit card payments, adding to the value of existing national medical cannabis supplies through their extensive, state-of-the-art medical cannabis delivery program. Currently, WholesomeCo is the only cannabis operator offering nationwide delivery, reaching 99% of the Utah population.

There are currently 14 pharmacies that can buy medical cannabis, all along Corridor I-15. This fact makes it challenging for some patients to conveniently access medical cannabis, be it because of long driving times or because of a patient’s physical limitations. However, WholesomeCo’s delivery service reaches 99% of the state’s population and ensures that almost all Utahners can have their medical marijuana delivered right to their doorstep no matter where they live. you find a list of the currently available delivery locations on their website.

In addition, through a partnership with payment provider Solvent, all WholesomeCo patients can now pay for their medical cannabis with their debit card. Before this partnership, patients in a pharmacy could only pay with cash or with Hypur, a payment solution based on cannabis apps. Cash is not a valid payment option for delivery, but with Solvent delivery patients in particular now benefit from the ability to pay with a debit card upon receipt of the delivery. WholesomeCo is currently the only one Utah Cannabis operators to offer patients this convenient payment service for both delivery and in-store purchase. In addition to having medical cannabis delivered, patients can now choose to pay for their cannabis with their debit card, removing one of the many barriers to disease relief.

“Our goal is to make sure everyone is in Utah has easy access to high quality medical cannabis because everyone deserves relief from pain or chronic illness. We hope our services will make it easy for patients to get the drugs they need and that the community will benefit, “said Chris Jeffery, CEO of WholesomeCo.

New data and ongoing research have proven and continue to prove it health benefits of medicinal cannabisthat opens the door for states like Utah Adopt cannabis as an effective medicine. You can also discover on the WholesomeCo website what conditions qualify You or someone you care about, as well as access to educational resources about cannabis and the Utah medical program.

WholesomeCo is one of only four vertically integrated medical cannabis operators in Utah, with headquarters in West Bountiful, Utah. The company offers a variety of medical cannabis services, including delivery to 99% of the nationwide Utahs Population as well as retail, drive-thru and online pick-up services through their pharmacy in West Generous. WholesomeCo is known for its technology-led leadership and innovation in Utahs medical cannabis industry, a by-product of their commitment to improving access to medical cannabis by putting patient needs first.

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