September 29, 2022

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JANE Dispensary Opens on 4/20 in Delmar Loop

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JANE Dispensary opens in St. Louis on April 20

Offers world-class cannabis products, training, and opportunities for medical marijuana card holders in Missouri

St. Louis, Missouri / April 15, 2021 – JANE Dispensary will open its boutique doors on April 20 with a mission to end the stigma surrounding medical marijuana. The pharmacy is located at 6662 Delmar Blvd.

JANE Dispensary will soon be part of the vibrant Delmar Loop landscape in St. Louis. This nifty cannabis boutique offers premium cannabis products including flowers, groceries, beauty products, oils, and supplies for medical marijuana patients in Missouri.

JANE Dispensary, a company-oriented company, has already laid the foundation for the development and support of the community through education-based offers such as seminars and workshops. Providing a safe and comfortable environment for patients is the focus of JANE Dispensary.

“We know how expansive the cannabis market is and pride ourselves on finding the perfect product for every patient who walks through our doors or visits our website,” said Leigh Anne Baker, Director of Operations. Our passion is to pave the way in this emerging market and offer a service, not just a product. ”

JANE strives to exceed expectations of a medical marijuana boutique with a wide range of thoroughly reviewed offerings, educational experiences, and a staff committed to excellence. This Trinity Core Investments project is based on a deep understanding of the need for a safe, informative, and enjoyable environment for medical marijuana card holders in the Missouri area and beyond. JANE Dispensary will open a sister site in Santa Rosa, California later this year.

“We are excited about the future of cannabis and our unique role in the market,” added Baker. “We have an incredible opportunity to help shape the industry and we are proud of how we envision the world with cannabis as a household staple.”

About JANE Dispensary

JANE Dispensary operates on a “Commitment-to-Excellence” philosophy that encourages the desire to educate cardholders about the benefits, properties and uses of medical marijuana products. More information is available at

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