April 13, 2024

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Seth Rogen Now Sells Weed and Vinyl For All Your Musical Marijuana Needs

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The website for Rogen’s new marijuana business crashed immediately after it launched on March 1st as many customers searched for orders.

When it comes to selling marijuana, almost no one is a bigger advocate of the benefits of weed than actor, comedian, and businessman Seth Rogen – and now he seems to be putting his money where his mouth is.

Together with his friend and business partner Evan Goldberg, Rogen recently started a hugely popular marijuana product company called House Plant.

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Immersing yourself in the marijuana game is now a smart move: four states voted to legalize the drug in the 2020 election alone, and many experts are predicting marijuana will be legalized at the federal level within the year. Rogen’s company produces marijuana-based products and whole flowers for medicinal or recreational purposes.

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Currently, there are still 6 states in the US that haven’t even decriminalized marijuana possession, and even more where it’s still not legal without a health card, despite referendums continuing to push for the election to be taken have to consume the popular plant at will.

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Rogen hopes to find a way to introduce his product to those who can legally use it, and he believes there is a really great way to do just that – by combining some with their musical tastes.

He recently posted on his Twitter account that great weed needs great music to go with it, so he and his company created a box of records that you can buy so you can specifically play Poof, Poof, Pass, a good one Friend or drink his product unique.

While it’s cute and weird to watch Rogen make his musical choices, he’s serious about this business. Roe is a big medical marijuana advocate who has made several documented efforts to help people suffering from both terminal and non-terminal conditions.

Roe, whose mother-in-law suffered from early onset Alzheimer’s disease, is also a personal supplier of the plant.

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If you’re in legal condition and want to get some of Rogen’s curated marijuana, you may have to wait a bit as the bundles are only available in California and Canada at the moment. They may have the money to change that soon, considering that immediately after launching on March 1st, their website crashed due to the massively high volume of customers looking for orders.

They say you shouldn’t count your chickens before they hatch, but it’s probably pretty safe to assume that actors and comedians can finally officially call their ten-year dream a reality, considering millions are already knocking on his door for access receive.

To learn more about Seth Rogen’s new business, visit houseplant.com.

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